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SF A2 Miki
dive into the universe★… (The Universe)

that's right★
SF A2 Miki


couldn't you tell?★

i am myself★
Miki is a cheery, bubbly and caring person. She can be a bit mysterious at some times and she's also very stubborn. She can be very bold at some times, when she's beginning to get bored. Miki doesn't care of what others think of her, she likes being herself. She cares less about herself and cares more when It's about her friends. If she faces someone she doesn't like she could be very loud, or encounter a friend she hasn't seen for years.

let's watch the stars★
i like you

in my journey i met you★
you're ok

excuse me★
have i met you before?

im scared of you

The lonely girl, no wait more like the bored girl. She stared at the sunlight from a high building roof she was sitting on. The wind was blowing at her direction making her hair "dance" with it. The little girl sighed, she had really missed her home, the Universe with all the pretty stars but wasn't this her journey? She thought about it for a while, while the wind blows softly on her face. "This journey might have ment something! This journey might give me friends or maybe change my life!" the girl smiled cheerfully, almost falling out of the roof because she moved so much. Miki decided to stay there untill noon, she wasn't sleepy and she loved stargazing. Stargazing really reminds her of the Universe, sometimes she reaches out her hand.

[[lol my first journal <3 I just felt like it...]]

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ServentofEvil-Len Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2010
The male came up to the female with interest .
He never saw such a unquie person before ! Well . He has - but she peeked his interest .

"Good day , miss . "
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That-Universe-Girl Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
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